Helpful Documents

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Matching Gifts

Does your company match St. Jude donations?  If your co-workers donate, then be sure to ask them to go to your company website to request the match.  We have included a document with common companies who match gifts.  Click the link below to see if your company does.  We have also included a link to the Caterpillar and State Farm matching programs. 

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Deposit Instructions

You can deposit money at any Community Bank. Use the account number: 750 575 and include YOUR NAME. Or, when you're in the Washington branch, just ask a teller for a St. Jude Runs Washington deposit slip.  See deposit instruction document below for more detail. 

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Sample Donation Letter

Need some help writing your donation letter. Click on the link below to obtain a sample letter.  Personalize it and send one to anyone you know! 

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Donation Receipt

If someone who donates would like a receipt for their taxes, use the form below.